The all-new NT1100 was made for riders that desire a straightforward touring motorcycle with a rich specification list and a sporty edge to its performance. A motorcycle with performance, handling, technology and long range comfort, that deals with the weekday commute efficiently and usefully, and is also ready for an extended tour, fully loaded.

High performance

1084cc parallel twin engine, 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed DCT.

Smooth riding

Adjustable SHOWA suspension, efficient aerodynamic design, adjustable screen.

Premium technology

Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto, HSTC & wheelie control.

Touring comfort

Cruise control, heated grips & adjustable screen.

1084cc parallel twin engine

The 1084cc powerplant has strong bottom and mid-rang torque, tuned for responsive acceleration, a smooth climb to the redline and relaxed cruising with characterful feel and sound.


The 43mm Showa cartridge-type SFF-BP inverted front forks feature 150mm wheel travel and are preload adjustable. The single-tube pressurised Showa rear shock offers 150mm wheel travel; it uses a 14mm diameter rod. To make carrying a pillion and/or luggage easier, spring preload adjusts hydraulically, and remotely.

Cruise Control

Cruise control lets you rest and relax on long rides, and also saves fuel.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple’s CarPlay™ *1 seamlessly integrates your iPhone®*1 into your new NT1100. That means you can use your iPhone® to access Apple Maps®, Apple Music®, and other services easily.

You can also connect an Android phone using Android Auto, so you can access Google Assistant, use navigation tools like Google Maps, Waze, and more.

Plus, with both systems, you’ll have access to weather, playlists, music-streaming services and telephone numbers.

Available Bluetooth®*2 enabled wireless headsets let you communicate more easily than ever.

Honda Selectable Torque Control

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) constantly monitors your bike’s rear-wheel speed and adjusts torque instantly. Three levels of intervention and OFF are available to suit rider's preference. It’s a great feature when riding in the rain, on gritty roads, over wet leaves, or anywhere else where surface conditions can compromise traction.

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Honda’s revolutionary DCT will transform your riding experience. It eliminates clutch levers, stalling, and the need for you to shift, while also giving you complete control to select gears if you want to. In “S” mode, three different levels of shift timing settings can be selected. From a sportier level that uses more of the high rpm range to a level that allows full torque mainly in the mid rpm range.

DCT also allows you to focus more on your riding line, braking points, cornering and acceleration. Further benefits include reduced fatigue, low stress urban riding, and best of all, it lets you focus on the most rewarding parts of your ride.

Selectable riding modes

There are 3 default riding modes to choose from, plus two customisable USER modes

URBAN: offers an all-round middle setting of engine power and engine braking.

RAIN:reduces engine power and engine braking for extra reassurance on wet or slippery surfaces.

TOUR: gives full engine power and standard engine braking, for strong acceleration while carrying a pillion and luggage.

USER 1 and 2 modes offer the ability to customise between the settings for the preferred combination.

Weather protection

The screen offers 5-stage adjustment for height and angle through a total 164mm between the high/low position. Set low, it sends air around the shoulders; set high it moves air over the rider’s helmet. Fitted as standard, upper and lower deflectors provide wind and weather protection around arms and lower body.

*1 Apple CarPlay and iPhone are the trademarks of Apple Inc.
*2 For using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, connection to a commercially available Bluetooth headset is necessary. See owner’s manual for Bluetooth headset requirements.

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